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mtbuy, Machinery to buy, is a newly established daughter company of MPC Systems AB in Stockholm.

The persons involved with mtbuy boast a long and thorough experience in the field of Machine Tools, especially so in marketing CNC-machines including their external equipment. Within the company there is a wide technical knowledge as well about machines, computers, applications, CNC-controls and systems of production.

Our business concept is to act as direct intermediaries between sellers and purchasers of used Machine Tools in ways similar to a real estate agent’s dealings with his customers. This concept offers simplification and cost-cutting in the sales and purchases of used machinery. Can you imagine a better and more cost-effective way of purchasing a used machine than directly from its current site? In addition, this method in most cases offers the possibility of inspecting the machine in operation at site. Owner and operators can provide the would-be purchaser with thorough information about the machine. A used machine offered from a dealers stock or showroom has most probably lost its history, whereas we offer sellers and purchasers an opportunity to do direct business without dealers at the low cost of a small commission. Sales and purchases through dealers in most cases entail additional costs, such as optional transportation, stocking, handling and interest charges. Owing to the availability of comprehensive information over the Internet, our customers can get a good advance picture of interesting objects. mtbuy, Machinery to buy, is a newly established daughter company of MPC Systems AB in Stockholm.

In this field we are supported by long experience in marketing CNC-Machine Tools and a wide circle of contacts, which enables us continuously to pick up information on upcoming used machinery business. Make use of this opportunity and contact us on all questions of used Machine Tools.

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