Our company, mtbuy, employs very competent staff with long experience in the field of industrial equipment and specialized in CNC-Machine Tools.

Our task is to act as direct intermediaries between sellers and purchasers on used Machine Tools in similar ways as to dealing with real estate.

This involves many advantages including cutting costs on both sides, sellers and purchasers. Both parties profit from the machine staying on site until picked up by the new owner. In other words: costs for optional transport and intermediate stocking are avoided.

Our customers enter into direct negotiations in order to reach written agreement on buying/selling used Machine Tools, at either a fixed price or highest bid.

Sellers and purchasers are both our customers on equal footing.

We offer you, being a purchaser, detailed information via Internet including machine data and pictures on the subject in question. A customer, who wants to buy a specific object or take part in an auction, will be asked to register his name and address, which enables him or her to visit scheduled demonstrations at site. In most cases the machine can be demonstrated in normal operation. In special cases, individual demonstrations may be arranged.

If, however, a used Machine Tool is shown or demonstrated in a dealer’s showroom, its history is probably gone for ever.

You may offer a bid or buy wherever you stay – Internet doesn’t care about geographies.

Used equipment is sold as is.

Prices, whether fixed or highest bids, are subject to signed contracts.

Given bids are final.

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